Successful cooperation talks with Vienna Stock Exchange


On December 17, 2015, a team consisting of FiRe researchers Roland Mestel, Stefan Palan and Erik Theissen travelled to Vienna to explore the possibility for cooperation between the research platform and the Vienna Stock Exchange. In a meeting with the stock exchange's entire board, a divisional director and four department heads, Mestel, Palan and Theissen laid out the expertise available at the research platform and presented several planned research projects. The exchange's representatives expressed their interest in the topics covered and committed to a data sharing agreement which will provide the group in Graz with intraday data for its own research and will also allow FiRe to prepare and offer an aggregated dataset to research institutions free of charge.

Photo: Courtesy of Vienna Stock Exchange.

Successful 30th AWG workshop


The Austrian Working Group on Banking and Finance held its 30th workshop at the University of Graz from November 27 to 28, 2015. As per tradition, the program contained 14 presentations of research papers by younger and by more senior members of the community. In an innovation for this 30th anniversary workshop, the organizers also invited a panel discussion on the topic "How much science does the banking of the future require?" Finally, the 49 working group members present witnessed a ceremony where the "AWG Best Paper Award" was bestowed on Julian Kolm (1st place), Julia Elizabeth Reynolds (tied 2nd place) and Stefan Waldenberger (tied 2nd place).

FiRe was also well-represented at the workshop, with Silvia Gersin, Roland Mestel, Stefan Palan, Herwig Pilaj and Peter Steiner having organized the workshop, Matthias Pachler presenting a paper, and with Roland Mestel, Stefan Palan and Peter Steiner serving as award committee and session chairs.

Prof. Gurgul recives Medal of Honor


On November 26, 2015, platform researcher Prof. Henryk Gurgul received a high distinction at the University of Graz. Henryk, who is head of the Department of Applications of Mathematics in Economics at the AGH University of Krakau, was awarded the Medal of Honor of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences. Note that the only other person to have received this medal to date is Reinhard Selten, the only German-speaking winner of the Nobel Prize in economics.

Henryk was awarded the medal in recognition of his numerous teaching engagements in Graz, his intensive research cooperation with researchers from Graz, and his supervision of numerous theses at the local university. Henryk has been an indispensible part of faculty life for decades. FiRe wishes to congratulate its distinguished member and hopes for many more years of fruitful collaboration.

Michael Murg finishes dissertation


FiRe is proud to announce that platform researcher Michael Murg completed his dissertation on November 25. Michael successfully defended his thesis "The impact of analysts’ recommendations on stock markets – Market efficiency, information asymmetries and trading opportunities“.

We congratulate Michael on this achievement!