About FiRe

FiRe Graz is the finance research platform of the University of Graz. Founded and operated by the Institute of Banking and Finance, the platform is open to all finance researchers with a connection to the University of Graz and also reaches out across organisational boundaries. Its main areas of interest are empirical and experimental research in finance.

The intent behind forming a platform around the Graz group in 2015 was to reap cooperation benefits and to achieve critical mass, especially in empirical capital market research. Given the limited size of the group at the University of Graz, it is necessary for the group to look for innovative approaches to being able to punch above its weight. The same goes for some of the partner institutions, like the University of Klagenfurt and the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum, which have even smaller groups in the area of finance.

The platform achieves its goals primarily by means of events organized with three different audiences in mind::

Science to Science

FiRe organizes seminars and research days where local and guest researchers meet to discuss their latest work.

Science to Professionals

FiRe organizes lectures where prominent international researchers present topics of interest to the community of banking and finance professionals.

Science to Public

FiRe organizes forums, where prominent researchers, government officials and members of the professional community discuss current topics for the general public.

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