Finance Research Graz (FiRe)

FiRe Graz is a loosely organized research platform, affiliated with the University of Graz. Founded and operated by the Institute of Banking and Finance and the Institute of Finance, the platform is open to all finance researchers with a connection to the University of Graz and is intended to reach out across organisation boundaries. Its main research areas are empirical and experimental research in finance.

Upcoming meetings:

FiRe research seminar with Ryan Riordan (Queen's University), January 25, 2021 (online)
FiRe research seminar with Alfred Lehar (University of Calgary), March 22, 2021 (online)


Florian Stöckler joins research platform


Florian Stöckler recently joined the research platform after becoming a PhD student at the Institute of Banking and Finance under the supervision of Andrea Schertler.

Florian's educational background is in economics and he previously worked as a data analyst at the University of Graz.

Florian's research interests include predictive modeling and exploratory data analysis. In his PhD thesis, he intends to focus on text mining models and on studying how text information may improve financial decision making.

Markus Höfler joins research platform


Markus Höfler recently joined the research platform as a PhD student under the supervision of Andrea Schertler. Markus previously completed his Master in Business Administration also at the University of Graz. Besides his doctoral studies, Markus works in the trade finance area of a private company in the metals industry.

In his doctoral thesis, Markus plans to study prices of precious and industrial metals in crisis periods. In particular, he intends to research these metals' price determinants and bond hedging properties as well as the existence of feedback trading.

New review paper on the post-earnings-announcement drift


Josef Fink's comprehensive review "A review of the Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift" has been published in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance. In this paper, Josef summarizes the literature around this most prominent of mispricing phenomena. He concludes that - while there is evidence for a number of different factors - an all-encompassing explanation remains out of sight.

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