Prof. Gurgul recives Medal of Honor

Post date: Nov 27, 2015 9:31:31 AM

On November 26, 2015, platform researcher Prof. Henryk Gurgul received a high distinction at the University of Graz. Henryk, who is head of the Department of Applications of Mathematics in Economics at the AGH University of Krakau, was awarded the Medal of Honor of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences. Note that the only other person to have received this medal to date is Reinhard Selten, the only German-speaking winner of the Nobel Prize in economics.

Henryk was awarded the medal in recognition of his numerous teaching engagements in Graz, his intensive research cooperation with researchers from Graz, and his supervision of numerous theses at the local university. Henryk has been an indispensible part of faculty life for decades. FiRe wishes to congratulate its distinguished member and hopes for many more years of fruitful collaboration.

(from left: Prof. Peter Steiner, Head of the Department of Banking and Finance; Prof. Henryk Gurgul; Prof. Thomas Foscht, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences)